The Jolly Rogers lane show at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
The Jolly Rogers on the Ship Stage at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival
The Jolly Rogers on stage at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
The Jolly Rogers on stage at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
The Jolly Rogers in Port Washington, Wisconsin
The Jolly Rogers opening The Smoker at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Welcome to the home of
The Jolly Rogers!

AVAST, ME HEARTIES! Ye have reached the shores of The Jolly Rogers, the saltiest scoundrels this side of Tortuga, ya lubbers! know what? Nevermind all that. Seriously.

Welcome, friend, and we hope you enjoy your stay. The Jolly Rogers have proudly been the source of some of the best in maritime music for over 25 years – they've performed across the United States and even internationally and have defined the pirate sub-genre of the maritime tradition.

Our Music

The Jolly Rogers have been producing studio-recorded albums ever since they began 25 years ago. The result? Albums whose technical quality matches that of the musical quality. Take a look at our album links below to see for yourself!

The Jolly Rogers have been producing studio-recorded albums from the start (that's since 1991 for anyone who's counting), a fact that has set them apart and has earned them a reputation for technical quality that matches the quality of their lyrical and music composition.

Of course, you can find The Jolly Rogers on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify to name a few. Don't see your preferred provider? Just search there for The Jolly Rogers and we'll turn up!

If you'd like to buy more directly from us, all of the albums below are available for download. Click the images to visit us on Bandcamp if you want to listen or purchase!

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Pirates' Gold

Pirates' Gold

The first of The Jolly Rogers' recordings, PIRATES' GOLD is a "best-of" of the early work of the group, featuring a wealth of shanties, drinking and pirate songs.

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Featuring 23 tracks, this largely traditionally-sourced album is both the oldest and one of the most consistently popular the group has to offer. Essentially forming a "best-of" of older works no longer in print (because they were on CASSETTE. Because the band is OLD).

Loose Cannons

The LOOSE CANNONS double-CD went out-of-print until it was re-released in 2007 after being remixed and remastered.

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With 46 tracks over both discs, this album features a broad range of music. The first disc is comprised of music new to the group at the time, while the second is a further collection of "best-of" pieces that didn't make it onto PIRATES' GOLD from the older material.

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Loose Cannons
Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, X Marks The Spot

X Marks the Spot

The first Jolly Rogers album to feature all-original content, the fantastic music here is in keeping with the maritime tradition but with a fresh, new sound!

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This album marks a first for The Jolly Rogers – with this album, the group lost one of its founding members (we eventually found him in the sofa cushions next to the car keys) and as a result features the first outing with his replacement.

Cutlass, Cannon and Curves

Easily one of the band's most popular titles, C3 (as most everyone calls it) contains a great mix of drinking, comedic, dramatic and historic sea songs that will keep you coming back over and over again.

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Another milestone – the band lost another founding member and from here on out, the group has continued as a five-person group instead of six. Also comprised of all-original music, C3 continues The Jolly Rogers' practice of adding new music to the traditional.

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Cutlass, Cannon and Curves
Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, No Refunds

No Refunds (CD)

In July of 2007, The Jolly Rogers recorded a special, one-night-only live concert at Kansas City's historic Gem Theater! This is the CD for you if you want to capture the fun and energy of a live Jolly Rogers show!

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Lively, spirited and improvisational, this album gives you the interactions between the band members as well as between the band and the audience. It was a great night, and this is your chance to live it again! NO REFUNDS is the "best-of" for the current line-up of the band.

No Refunds (DVD)

The No Refunds live concert was also recorded by a professional camera crew for this DVD. Featuring 5.1 surround sound and a TON of extras, this DVD is your ticket to this sold-out show!

The live concert features a few songs not found on the CD, and the extras take you out to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival where The Jolly Rogers got their start. Not to be missed!

NOTE: this DVD is now only available at The Jolly Rogers' shows.

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers DVD, No Refunds
Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Score


Celebrating 20 years, a highlight of this album is the guest performance by Bounding Main on The Day Of The Clipper. Boasting 19 songs, SCORE is an album that has something for everyone!

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We've loved Bounding Main since we first got to know them, and this album gave us our first opportunity to record with them. With 19 tracks, you'll get a wealth of music from start to finish.

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Bounding Main is back on two songs: "Tow Rope Girls" and "Away Rio". Rounding out the album is a huge amount of original material guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Another great collection of both original and traditional songs, this album boasts the inclusion of a song that has become a Jolly Rogers staple – the Mingulay Boat Song; this one is used to close out the final day of a festival season.

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Beg Borrow and Steal
Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Pirates Evermore

Pirates Evermore

Featuring traditional shanties like "Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates", playful bawdy songs like "Devin's Blockade" and rousing adventure with pieces like "There is a Storm," there's something for everyone.

This album holds a number of personal favorites for both the band and the fans: "Eight Bells" and "Barrett's Privateers" are among the many guaranteed to not disappoint.


To celebrate The Jolly Rogers' 25th Anniversary, their latest album XXV was released in the fall of 2016. NOTE: the image will link you to the store for the physical CD, the player below will take you to the download!

25 years! To celebrate, the physical album features two discs – the first is mostly original material to the group, while the second is a great compilation of traditional shanties. Again, a fantastic nod to both the old and new!

NOTE: This download is for the first disc only – check below for "Shantytime," the second disc of this release.

Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Beg Borrow and Steal
Cover art for The Jolly Rogers album, Shantytime


This is The Jolly Rogers going back to their roots – Shantytime is 100% traditional shanties (but with that great Jolly Rogers sound!) Note: if you own the physical copy of XXV, this is the second disc included in that set!

Born from The Jolly Rogers' 25th anniversary, the return to traditional shanties seemed appropriate and Shantytime is the result. Included as part of the XXV physical release to celebrate the anniversary, this album takes the group back to where it all began.

Where the hell are we?

We're glad you asked, because we want to see you. No kidding! We really do!

The Jolly Rogers have two big, multi-week gigs that you can count on finding us at:

Of course, we don't limit ourselves to these gigs alone! We love visiting new places, so keep an eye out for new opportunities to see the show.

Contact Us!

How do you get in touch with us? There are so many, many ways – after all, we dress up like pirates and make asses of ourselves on stage; it's not like we're trying to stay low-profile. Our preferred method of contacting us? Come out, watch a show and introduce yourself afterwards! Barring that, try this:

  1. Facebook: Our Facebook page is constantly being updated and watched. Want to find out where we'll be performing? Want to send us a message? Post a great pic of the band that you got? This is the spot for you!
  2. YouTube: Want to see some wacky Jolly Rogers content? Head on over to our YouTube page for studio updates, music, audio books (no, really!) and more!
  3. Email: You know, the thing your grandma keeps wanting you to send her. Oh, yeah – email is alive and well here with The Jolly Rogers. Feel free to get in touch – we'd love to hear from you!
  4. The Jolly Rogers Fan Club: What can we say? This is a great group, and you couldn't hope to meet a nicer bunch of people. We have a few special, club-exclusive events every year so here's your chance to make a few new friends and enjoy the show at the same time!